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Hey you guys,

My name is Jamal and I was diagnosed with Adult ADD when I was 23. I never struggled in school even though I thought it was boring. I also never felt I was ADD at all; however, after I visited my doctor about my sleep problems, he thought I had ADD because I exhibit signs of something called “hyperfocus” where you become locked into a rewarding task.

I told him how I could not keep my mind off of something and I had a hard time sleeping because of it. When I am in this zone, everything else is a blur except for the thing I am focusing on.

He asked me a series of questions about me right now as well as me when I was younger. I told him about how, during my school years, I would always be bored in class and would always sit next to the window so I can look at the trees and day dream when I’m bored. I also told him how I disliked boring work but had good success in school because I found a lot of my classes fun.

He thought I had ADD but have been going on without a diagnosis since I had good coping mechanisms. I told him my daily routine and how I prepared myself for work and such.

As a trial, I took Adderall and Concerta for a few weeks to see how I liked being medicated. This blog was about that experience .

Let me state this here and everywhere else: being medicated is not good. It changes who you are and subdues you.

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