Adderall & Weight Loss

Lose weight using AdderallAre you taking Adderall and are experiencing weight loss? This is one of the normal Adderall side effects that some people experience. Since Adderall is a Schedule II stimulant, it increases the body’s metabolism. This makes someone who is taking Adderall burn calories faster than if they did not take Adderall. Also, Adderall suppresses hunger so you would eat less. This is a powerful 1-2 punch for weight loss.

In fact, many people who are looking to lose weight have been researching Adderall weight loss because it is being viewed as a magic bullet for weight loss. Much better than Stacker2 or any other diet supplement.

How to Lose Weight with Adderall

First off, you can not obtain a prescription for Adderall if all you want to do is lose weight with it. You need to have ADHD or narcolepsy or depression. Here are the DSM-IV’s criteria for diagnosing someone with ADHD. The DSM is the guidebook that doctors use to determine if someone has a mental illness.

DSM-IV ADHD Guidelines

photo of DSM

The DSM is used as a guideline for diagnosis

Someone with ADHD needs to have 6 or more of the following symptoms for at least 6 months.:

  • Inattention: does not pay close attention, trouble keeping attention, does not listen, fails to finish work, organizing troubles, avoids activities they dislike, easily distracted.
  • Hyperactive: fidgets, can not remain seated, trouble playing quietly, runs and climbs, talks a lot.
  • Impulsivity: burst out answers, can not wait, interrupts others.

Symptoms needs to be present before age 7 and can not be from medication. Symptoms need to be present in at least two settings (work and home for example). There needs to be significant impairment in the person’s life.

Do the above symptoms describe you? If they do, you might have ADHD or adult ADHD. Go to your doctor to see and, if you qualify, get a prescription for Adderal.

How to Lose Weight on Adderall

People losing weightAdderall is the only ADHD stimulant that does not have to be taken with food. However, eating will decrease nausea while on Adderall. Therefore, eat something small that is high in protein and fiber in the morning. Avoid high carb foods since they contain a lot of calories. Most Americans eat very high carb diets without knowing it.

After your morning meal, take your Adderall. Adderal is a stimulant and requires a lot of water so keep water on hand all day. Drinking cold water also helps you burn more calories because your body needs to spend energy to heat it up.

Than, eat a high protein, low carb meal for lunch as well. If you aren’t hungry I still recommend you eating something. If you avoid eating, your body will go in fasting mode and will slow down its metabolic rate. This will make losing weight harder.

At dinner, eat another low carb, high protein meal as well.

The secret to this Adderall weight loss is that you are eating high protein and low carb. One slice of bread is 100 calories and doesn’t really fill you up. However, one chick breast is 100 calories as well but is much larger and more filling.

Also remember to eat 5 servings of dark greens every day. Dark greens are low in calories and are high in fiber. This will keep you full all day. Good dark greens include: spinach, kale, collard greens, and broccoli.

Your Adderall Weight Loss Story

Did you lose weight on Adderall? Share your Adderall weight loss story in the comment box below. I would love to hear from you.


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