Amphetamine Salts & Adderall

amphetamine salts

Adderall XR is a mixed salt amphetamine

Amphetamine Salts are another name for Adderall. Adderall is a mixture of four different types of amphetamines, 2 l-amphetamines and 2 d-amphetamines. This is much different than Concerta or Vyvanse because those drugs are dexamfetamine.

Adderall is believed to be a good treatment for ADHD because of the mixture of amphetamines it has. The l-amphetamines is believed to reduce distractions whereas the d-amphetamines is believed to increase concentration. Some individuals also experience an increase in aggression and/or anxiety thanks to the d-amphetamines.

The increase in aggression and/or anxiety is a result of something called a GxE interaction (read: “G by E”). GxE stands for gene and environment. This means that the person has the genetic code that wired their brains to be more prone to being aggressive if they are on stimulants; however, they never know this until they take a stimulant like amphetamine salts.

Dangers of mixed salt amphetamines

Is there any dangers to mixed salt amphetamines? Well, it depends. Some individuals respond much better to mixed salt amphetamines than straight amphetamines or dexamfetamine. However, other individuals have much better success in therapy with just dexamfetamine. You do not know which medication would be the best for you until you try it. Your doctor can give you some advice but, remember, medicine is a practice.

There has been 5 deaths linked with Adderall since Adderall came out. In these deaths, most individuals had heart conditions that were undiagnosed. One individual even took 3x his prescribed dose.

It is safe to say that these deaths fall under the area of rare chance and maybe misuse. Make sure you check with your doctor to see if you are healthy enough for Adderall though.

Holistic ADHD Therapy

PeanutsAmphetamine salts are used to treat ADHD but it should not be the only treatment. ADHD has a wide range of symptoms and treatment should focus on all of these symptoms. Also, some individuals simply do not like the idea of being medicated to treat their ADHD.

ADHD usually comes with other disorders like anxiety disorder, aspergers, and depression. Not recognizing the comorbid disorders can cause issue in treatment. Also, comorbid disorders are a sign of a much deeper problem–getting to the real root causes will speed up treatment.

ADHD therapy can also include daily meditation, diet changes, exercise, and coping strategies.

  • Meditation has been found to improve ADHD treatment. By meditating, the patient trains his or her brain to become better at resisting distractions and focusing for an extended period of time. Even 5 minutes a day can improve someone’s ADHD.
  • Research found that children who switched from processed foods to diets high in raw greens became better at focusing and paying attention. They also found that aggression went down as well. If you are suffering from ADHD, maybe a diet change can help you out. It never hurts to eat your greens.
  • Amphetamines are not the only coping strategies for individuals with ADHD. You can learn scheduling tricks as well as read ADHD planning books.

Amphetamine salts are just a tool and, like any tool, the tool is only as good as the user. There are more solutions than the obvious ones, if traditional treatments are not suiting you, look for other ways to get help.

Do you have a story about Adderall that you would want to share? Have a tip that you think will help others? Share it in the comment box below.

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