The Side Effects of Vyvanse in Adults

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Vyvanse is one of the medications that have been approved to treat Attention Deficit-Hyperactivity Disorder among people. Generically known as lisdexamfetamine dimesylate, this drug is categorized as a Schedule II controlled substance. The drug is considered to be very effective in controlling the different signs and symptoms of ADHD. This is a drug used for all who have ADHD. Doctors have to carefully monitor their patients who use this drug for the disorder because there is a high chance of becoming addicted to this medication. As a potent stimulant, a lot of people also might misuse this drug or abuse it.

Side Effects of Vyvanse

As with any other medication, using Vyvanse could also bring about a lot of side effects. These side effects should be carefully checked as these could impede the normal routines that a person has. Doctors would usually explain to their patients and their families about the probable side effects that the patients might experience while taking the medication. They have to be very careful, especially when there are other existing conditions. If there are signs of a patient not responding or developing adverse effects to the medication, then the doctor has to stop administering the drug right away.

Common Vyvanse Side Effects in Adults

One of the most common side effects that users of the drug complain about is dry mouth. Having a dry mouth would then push these people to drink more water every day. Another commonly reported side effect is a decrease in appetite. This could then lead to weight loss among those who use this to treat their ADHD. Up to 39% of people taking this drug experience decrease in appetite. There are also other digestive problems such as nausea and vomiting among some users. Others also complain about having difficulty getting sleep every day, which could then lead to bouts of irritability.

Dangerious Side Effects of Vyvanse

danger signThese adverse effects that people need to watch out for have to be reported to the doctor immediately. Dosage plays a big role in the treatment of ADHD symptoms, and overdosing on the medication could lead to sudden heart attacks, even when there are no symptoms of existing heart ailments. Adverse reactions include any of the following: shortness or difficulty in breathing, mental or behavioral changes, blurred vision, swelling of the limbs, fainting, dizziness which could lead to fainting, uncontrolled muscle movements, development of rashes on the body and a lot more. All of these should be reported immediately to the doctor.

Vyvanse is a drug that is effective in treating the various signs and symptoms of ADHD. It has been known to help people who have this affliction to become more focused with their work and not be very restless. But then, there are still some side effects that they could experience once they have this medication as part of their treatment. If they are not comfortable about getting these side effects, the wisest thing to do would be to ask the doctor for any alternative medications. In that way, they could weigh the pros and cons better for the medications.

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Side Effects of Adderall in Women

the side effects of Adderall in womenAll medications come with side effects and Adderall is no different. A prescribed drug for individuals suffering from ADHD, the medication carries various side effects that can be both negligible and serious for the patient. For those who are currently on this medication, following are known Adderall side effects in women and whether it should be addressed immediately or not.

Weight Loss and Diarrhea

Some women actually find this side effect favorable since practically everyone could use losing a few pounds or so. Adderall is basically responsible for lack of appetite in patients which eventually leads to weight loss. Combined with the bowel movement side effects, this can become serious fast.

Libido Problems

Continuous use of Adderall can take its toll on a woman’s sex life. Specifically, they will lose interest in sex and may find it hard to reach orgasm during intercourse. Some users have actually reported the complete opposite, stating that their sex drive has increased with the use of the product. However, this is rare with most women experiencing a decrease in their libido.

Irregular Heart Rate

Abnormality in the female heart rate should be given attention as soon as it is noticed. This is a severe reaction to the drug which could escalate into something serious such as a heart attack. In cases like this, the patient will be prescribed a different drug for the condition being treated.

Vision Problems

Blurred vision, double vision or any other eyesight problems can stem from Adderall use. This can be accompanied by hallucinations and delusions in which case, immediate attention is necessary.

Allergic Reactions

Some women may develop allergic reactions to the drug. This is characterized by trouble breathing, hives, rash, fever and even urinary tract infection. If any of these show up, a visit to the doctor is necessary since the allergic reaction could quickly escalate.

Mood Swings

Although a rare side effect, depression is a likely cause of Adderall in women. In some cases, the emotional imbalance can lead to substance abuse. These are considered to be severe side effects and should be taken seriously the first time it occurs.

 Other several side effects of the drug on women include:

  • Seizures

  • High blood pressure

  • Feeling faint

  • Hepatitis

  • Aggressive behavior

The Adderall side effects in women mentioned above require immediate attention from the doctor. They are the clear indicators that the patient is reacting negatively to the medication. However, there are also side effects for women that are considered mild and therefore do not need immediate attention from a physician. Some of these include:

  • Chronic sleeping problems

  • Abdominal pain

  • Nausea

  • Nervousness

  • Irritability

Any Adderall side effects in women – whether severe or not – must be told to the prescribing physician immediately. Depending on the patient’s medical history, it might be necessary for them to switch to a different medication or adjust the dosage of the drug. Note that Adderall is not the only option although it is the most effective ADHD treatment being used today.


The Side Effects of Adderall in Men

Most have no problem dealing with Adderall side effects in men. However, there are some cases where this drug can cause specific problems that should be reported to a health care professional as soon as possible.

What exactly is Adderall?

adderall side effects in Charley sheenFirst off, Adderall is a drug typically prescribed to ADHD sufferers. The medication is a stimulant specially designed to extend the attention span of patients. At the same time, it tempers down their impulsivity, allowing them to live a more controlled lifestyle for themselves.

What are the Adderall side effects in men?

Some of the most common side effects of this drug include:

Trouble Sleeping – this is perhaps the most common symptom, especially since Adderall is all about keeping the brain stimulated. After taking the product, individuals might feel recharged and highly energized. This could sometimes extend to bedtime, leaving patients suffering from insomnia. The main trick to avoid this result is correctly timing the intake of the drug as well as the necessary dosage to prevent disturbed sleep.

Eating Problems

Other side effects of Adderall for men include loss of appetite leading to a dramatic weight loss. Eventually, this can lead to health problems when not resolved quickly.

Decreased Sex Drive

This is the biggest disadvantage of the product for men. Various reports and feedback from patients have shown that the drug is capable of reducing libido. In some cases, the patient will have a hard time reaching orgasm or even arousal. If this happens, a quick consult with a professional is necessary.

Dry Mouth

Increased thirstiness and dry mouth are also possible symptoms of the drug. In some cases, patients might start to experience a funny after taste in their mouth that is hard to ignore or treat. Constant intake of water should be able to keep these symptoms at bay.

Problems in Bowel Movement

Diarrhea could also occur together with frequent cramping and gas release. Together with the decreased appetite symptom, this could lead to a more serious health problem for the patient. Frequent urination is also another possibility.

Headache and Heart Rate Problems

side effects of Adderall on a man's heartDizziness and headaches as Adderall side effects in men are fairly mild. Overtime, they will start to weaken which should decrease alarm in users.

Other side effects of Adderall for men include seizures, blisters, red spots on the skin, itchiness, fainting, chills and confusion. Mental and mood problems like delusions, hallucinations and irritability are also likely cases. Note that this is not the complete list of Adderall side effects. Ideally, individuals should observe themselves when taking the drug so that they can notice and report anything irregular to the doctor.

When to Seek Help

If the side effects become chronic, it would be best to seek professional help as soon as possible. Patients have the option of having their medication changed to something they are less likely to react to. Adderall side effects in men that should be taken seriously include heart rate abnormalities partnered by headache, dizziness, tremors and blurred vision. If these occur often, the body is reacting negatively to the medication and would require immediate attention from a physician.

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The Side Effects of Adderall in Children

Side effects of Adderall in children

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Adderall side effects in children require more attention from health care professionals. Considering how side effects of the drug can quickly become a health problem, parents should always make sure their children are monitored when taking the drug. Some of the most common side effects of this ADHD medication on children include:

Loss of Appetite

In children, this is one of the most important side effects to watch out for. This is because loss of appetite often comes with bowel movement complications which could drastically impact the health of the child. At the very least, it would trigger an unnecessary weight loss on the patient.


Difficulty sleeping is also a very real risk for a kid when taking Adderall. Since the drug is basically created to help stimulate the brain, this level of stimulation can extend up till nighttime. This is why parents should make sure that they are not only providing the right dosage but also administering it in the right time period. This way, the stimulating activity of the drug will wear off by the time the child is ready to go to sleep.

Mood Swings

In kids, this can manifest in the form of tantrums. Irritability is one of the most common Adderall side effects in children – causing them to act out, especially since they do not understand the situation. During situations like this, the best approach for parents would be to remain patient and wait for the side effects to wear off.


Always check the temperature of the child to make sure that they are not running a fever. At this stage, the body may also become more vulnerable. For example, one of the side effects of Adderall is that it increases the risk of the child acquiring urinary tract infection.

General Weakness

If the child is showing general signs of weakness, this could be another indicator that the drug is having an adverse effect on the patient. This can be easily spotted by parents, especially if their child is the type who loves to be active.

Other Adderall Side Effects in Children

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Other side effects of Adderall in kids include:

  • Dry mouth

  • Headaches

  • Abdominal pain

  • Nausea and vomiting

  • Diarrhea

  • Feeling dizzy

  • Increased heart rate

Some side effects such as high blood pressure, heart attack and stroke typically occur in adult Adderall users. However, that doesn’t mean that children do not run the risk of the same.

When to Seek Professional Help

Any other Adderall side effects in children – no matter how insignificant they may seem – must be reported immediately. Keep in mind that children do not have the same immunity barriers as adult, making them more vulnerable to complications. In most cases, it would be necessary for the health care professional to lower the dosage or have them switch to an entirely new medication for ADHD.

The ideal dosage for children is usually started at 2.5mg and gradually increased depending on the reaction of the child. For older children, a dosage of 5mg is recommended. Only those above 3 years old are prescribed the medication.


The Side Effects of Adderall in Adults

Adderall side effects in adults may range from less severe to severe. In some cases, they can be easily ignored and viewed as an unavoidable part of the medication. However, there are cases when the intake of Adderall must be stopped or changed due to side effects that could prove dangerous health wise, if not deadly. This article will divide the symptoms based on their severity.

Less Severe Side Effects of Adderall in Adults

Side Effects of Adderall

Watch out! Adderall has side effects

Following are common side effects which aren’t considered to be severe and may sometimes be addressed by the physician.

  • Insomnia – this is possibly the most common Adderral side effects in adults, mainly because the drug is supposed to keep a person stimulated. If patients take too much or too soon, this stimulation would extend up until bedtime. To solve this problem, patients can refer to their physician to change the dosage or the schedule of the medication intake.

  • Loss of Appetite – adults have actually abused this side effect of Adderall, ultimately using it as a weight loss drug. Although this may be effective at first, this could be dangerous long term; especially so if the weight loss is accompanied by diarrhea, depriving the body of much needed water and nutrition’s.

  • Nausea – anther common and fairly mild condition, patients might find themselves wanting to throw up or even really throwing up while using the drug.

  • Vision Problems – any problems with the vision whether it’s blurry or doubled must be considered a side effect. In some cases, a dilated pupil is also a sign.

  • Decreased Libido – now for some, this may be considered a severe side effect. Basically though, the intake of Adderall could make it harder for adults to reach orgasm. This side effect holds true for both men and women.

Severe Side Effects of Adderall in Adults

Anyone who experiences the following side effects when taking Adderall should inform their physician right away.

  • Allergic Reaction – characterized by the formation of hives, red spots, rashes and difficulty breathing, allergic reaction to Adderall is rare but not impossible. Cases like this may quickly escalate if the patient is not given medical attention ASAP.

  • Heart Attack – Heart attacks should always be taken seriously regardless of their trigger. If patients notice any abnormal chest pain or irregular heart rhythm after taking Adderall, chances are the drug is having an adverse effect on their cardiovascular system. Contact a doctor immediately to at least prevent this from escalating to a full blown heart attack.

  • Hallucinations – the drug may also have drawbacks on the mental capacity of the individual. Aside from causing them to be more irritable than usual, the medication can also lead to hallucinations or confusion. If this is the case, the patient must be taken to a doctor quickly to make sure that the problem is dealt with.

Of course, those aren’t the only possible Adderral side effects in adults. Different individuals react to the drug differently which means that patients will need to observe physical and psychological changes in themselves when taking the drugs. To play it safe, always consult the doctor if there are any doubts.

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