Adderall & Weight Loss

Lose weight using AdderallAre you taking Adderall and are experiencing weight loss? This is one of the normal Adderall side effects that some people experience. Since Adderall is a Schedule II stimulant, it increases the body’s metabolism. This makes someone who is taking Adderall burn calories faster than if they did not take Adderall. Also, Adderall suppresses hunger so you would eat less. This is a powerful 1-2 punch for weight loss.

In fact, many people who are looking to lose weight have been researching Adderall weight loss because it is being viewed as a magic bullet for weight loss. Much better than Stacker2 or any other diet supplement.

How to Lose Weight with Adderall

First off, you can not obtain a prescription for Adderall if all you want to do is lose weight with it. You need to have ADHD or narcolepsy or depression. Here are the DSM-IV’s criteria for diagnosing someone with ADHD. The DSM is the guidebook that doctors use to determine if someone has a mental illness.

DSM-IV ADHD Guidelines

photo of DSM

The DSM is used as a guideline for diagnosis

Someone with ADHD needs to have 6 or more of the following symptoms for at least 6 months.:

  • Inattention: does not pay close attention, trouble keeping attention, does not listen, fails to finish work, organizing troubles, avoids activities they dislike, easily distracted.
  • Hyperactive: fidgets, can not remain seated, trouble playing quietly, runs and climbs, talks a lot.
  • Impulsivity: burst out answers, can not wait, interrupts others.

Symptoms needs to be present before age 7 and can not be from medication. Symptoms need to be present in at least two settings (work and home for example). There needs to be significant impairment in the person’s life.

Do the above symptoms describe you? If they do, you might have ADHD or adult ADHD. Go to your doctor to see and, if you qualify, get a prescription for Adderal.

How to Lose Weight on Adderall

People losing weightAdderall is the only ADHD stimulant that does not have to be taken with food. However, eating will decrease nausea while on Adderall. Therefore, eat something small that is high in protein and fiber in the morning. Avoid high carb foods since they contain a lot of calories. Most Americans eat very high carb diets without knowing it.

After your morning meal, take your Adderall. Adderal is a stimulant and requires a lot of water so keep water on hand all day. Drinking cold water also helps you burn more calories because your body needs to spend energy to heat it up.

Than, eat a high protein, low carb meal for lunch as well. If you aren’t hungry I still recommend you eating something. If you avoid eating, your body will go in fasting mode and will slow down its metabolic rate. This will make losing weight harder.

At dinner, eat another low carb, high protein meal as well.

The secret to this Adderall weight loss is that you are eating high protein and low carb. One slice of bread is 100 calories and doesn’t really fill you up. However, one chick breast is 100 calories as well but is much larger and more filling.

Also remember to eat 5 servings of dark greens every day. Dark greens are low in calories and are high in fiber. This will keep you full all day. Good dark greens include: spinach, kale, collard greens, and broccoli.

Your Adderall Weight Loss Story

Did you lose weight on Adderall? Share your Adderall weight loss story in the comment box below. I would love to hear from you.


Snorting Adderall Guide and the Dangers

Have you been thinking about snorting Adderall lately? This guide will tell you about the health issues with snorting Adderall as well as how to do it.

Before anything, why are you thinking about snorting Adderall? If you want to get high, crushing and snorting Adderall IR (instant release) is much better than snorting Adderall XR.  If you don’t want to get high, don’t snort Adderall and just take it orally. There are more negative effects to snorting Adderall and not a lot of positive effects.

How to Crush and Snort Adderall IR and XR

To snort a pill, it is pretty straight forward. Just crush it and snort it. You can crush it by using a dollar bill and a credit card. Place the pill inside of the dollar bill and fold the dollar bill around the pill so that nothing will fly out when you crush it. Place it on something hard and flat like a countertop and crush it with a credit card. This works for most pills but Adderall XR contains tiny beads that are insanely hard to crush. If you use this method on Adderall XR, it might hurt your nose.

How to Crush Adderall XR Really, Really Fine

The tiny beads in Adderall XR makes crushing it really hard. You can try an old school mortar and pistle to crush it. This works good and you can use it for a lot of other uses as well (Mojito anyone?). The linked site has 3 different sized mortar and pistles for $11. Great deal in my opinion.

If you are a little bit lazier, you can just use a pill crusher. This pill crusher has a very nice gripped handle that makes crushing pills super easy. Not a lot of pill crushers have gripped handles (I don’t know why…).
Just crush the Adderall XR with either tools until it is a fine powder. The better you crush it, the better your nose will be. Than, line it up and snort away!

Dangers of Snorting Adderall

Snorting Adderall is not good for you. Since snorting the pills give you an instant, large rush of amphetamines, you might go over your recommended dose and suffer some serious side effects.

Also, even if you crush the Adderall into a very fine powder, there will be binders alongside the amphetamines. The binders will hurt your nose, cause nose bleeds, and, in general, take the fun out of snorting. You can use a simple cold water extraction to remove the amphetamines from binders.

You can extract the amphetamines out of the Adderall by mixing the powder in a little bit of water. The binders will sink to the bottom and the amphetamines will float to the top. Drain the top layer of water onto a  flat surface like a baking sheet with foil on it and let it dry. You would have a layer of pure amphetamine crystals if done correctly. Crush this again and snort.

Note: don’t take this post seriously as I’m not a doctor. I’m not responsible for your health and your doing this at your own risk.

Do you have a cool Adderall snorting story? Share it below! (You can use SWIM to remain anonymous).


Adderall Side Effects on the Heart

Photo of a human heart

Adderall affects the heart’s behavior

If you know that you have a heart condition, do not take Adderall without a through examination from your doctor. There has been 5 deaths link to Adderall, all of which involved a preexisting heart condition. Adderall and Adderall XR is banned in Canada for that reason. In the US, Adderall instant release is no longer available and only Adderall XR is available.

Abusing Adderall while you have a heart condition is very dangerous. Make sure you take the recommended dose and no more. Of the 5 deaths lined to Adderall, 2 of the 5 were from people who took 3 times the recommended dose.

Long Term Adderall Effects on your Heart and Blood Pressure

There has been some long term studies of Adderall and they found that, after extended use, some individuals will have higher blood pressure and pulse. The increase continues for a few weeks after Adderall usage is stopped.

After you have quit Adderall, your blood pressure and pulse will drop below normal. This is because your body gets used to having an increase blood pressure and pulse during your time on Adderall. Once your body is used to the stimulants, it makes up for it by reducing your pulse and blood pressure.

How to Mitigate Adderall’s Effect on your Heart

You can reduce the damage, or potential damage, to your heart while taking Adderall by taking the minimal amount needed for your treatment. Taking more Adderall than necessary only produces risks (and maybe a high). Here are some other was to reduce Adderall’s effects on your heart.

  • Take some Vitamin C along side the Adderall. If you are new to Adderall and have been taking it for less than a few weeks, drink some orange juice with your first pill in the morning. Vitamin C reduces the potency of Adderall, which makes its effect on your heart less.
  • Take a lower dose. If you feel your pulse when you take Adderall or if you have a rapid heart beat or other heart issues, talk to your doctor. These might be signs of serious symptoms. He might lower your dose or change you to a different medication.
  • Try some other drug. Adderall is not the only treatment for ADHD. There is a whole family of drugs ranging from Concerta to Ritalin to Vyvanse. Maybe your body will like the other drugs better. Talk to your doctor to see if it would work for you.
  • Don’t take Adderall with other stimulants like Coffee or RedBull. This puts more stress on your body.

Share Your Adderall Story

Photo of Story TimeDo you have a story of your heart racing and throbbing while on Adderall? Did you stay up for 2 days in a row because of Adderall? At, we want to have a nice community and one part of that is letting everyone have a voice. Share your story in the comment box below.


Amphetamine Salts & Adderall

amphetamine salts

Adderall XR is a mixed salt amphetamine

Amphetamine Salts are another name for Adderall. Adderall is a mixture of four different types of amphetamines, 2 l-amphetamines and 2 d-amphetamines. This is much different than Concerta or Vyvanse because those drugs are dexamfetamine.

Adderall is believed to be a good treatment for ADHD because of the mixture of amphetamines it has. The l-amphetamines is believed to reduce distractions whereas the d-amphetamines is believed to increase concentration. Some individuals also experience an increase in aggression and/or anxiety thanks to the d-amphetamines.

The increase in aggression and/or anxiety is a result of something called a GxE interaction (read: “G by E”). GxE stands for gene and environment. This means that the person has the genetic code that wired their brains to be more prone to being aggressive if they are on stimulants; however, they never know this until they take a stimulant like amphetamine salts.

Dangers of mixed salt amphetamines

Is there any dangers to mixed salt amphetamines? Well, it depends. Some individuals respond much better to mixed salt amphetamines than straight amphetamines or dexamfetamine. However, other individuals have much better success in therapy with just dexamfetamine. You do not know which medication would be the best for you until you try it. Your doctor can give you some advice but, remember, medicine is a practice.

There has been 5 deaths linked with Adderall since Adderall came out. In these deaths, most individuals had heart conditions that were undiagnosed. One individual even took 3x his prescribed dose.

It is safe to say that these deaths fall under the area of rare chance and maybe misuse. Make sure you check with your doctor to see if you are healthy enough for Adderall though.

Holistic ADHD Therapy

PeanutsAmphetamine salts are used to treat ADHD but it should not be the only treatment. ADHD has a wide range of symptoms and treatment should focus on all of these symptoms. Also, some individuals simply do not like the idea of being medicated to treat their ADHD.

ADHD usually comes with other disorders like anxiety disorder, aspergers, and depression. Not recognizing the comorbid disorders can cause issue in treatment. Also, comorbid disorders are a sign of a much deeper problem–getting to the real root causes will speed up treatment.

ADHD therapy can also include daily meditation, diet changes, exercise, and coping strategies.

  • Meditation has been found to improve ADHD treatment. By meditating, the patient trains his or her brain to become better at resisting distractions and focusing for an extended period of time. Even 5 minutes a day can improve someone’s ADHD.
  • Research found that children who switched from processed foods to diets high in raw greens became better at focusing and paying attention. They also found that aggression went down as well. If you are suffering from ADHD, maybe a diet change can help you out. It never hurts to eat your greens.
  • Amphetamines are not the only coping strategies for individuals with ADHD. You can learn scheduling tricks as well as read ADHD planning books.

Amphetamine salts are just a tool and, like any tool, the tool is only as good as the user. There are more solutions than the obvious ones, if traditional treatments are not suiting you, look for other ways to get help.

Do you have a story about Adderall that you would want to share? Have a tip that you think will help others? Share it in the comment box below.


Adderall Substitute

Are you looking for some Adderall substitute? Adderall is a mixture of 4 different types of amphetamines and the only other types of amphetamines are Speed, meth, X, or other prescriptions. However, you can get Adderall substitutes that are not amphetamines but closely related “research drugs.”

DMAA as an Adderal Substitute

DMAA (also known as Methylhexanamine and 1,3-dimethylamylamine), is a popular stimulant used by body builders and professional athletes to give them extra concentration and focus. It is also used to give them that extra push during workouts.

DMAA is often combined with Caffeine and other stimulants to create a powerful 1-2 punch. You can view DMAA as more powerful than your morning cup of coffee but without the jitters. It is not as strong as amphetamines however.

My favorite source of DMAA has to be Jack3D. Jack3D is created by USP Labs as a pre-workout supplement. It contains DMAA, Caffeine, and a lot of other things. It gives you that intense focus and motivation to clean the house, write articles, lift heavy thing, and read tons of books.

If you are going to try Jack3D out, take one scoop of it in the morning and do not take anymore for the whole day. Continue with your 1 scoop a day dosage for 5 days and than take the rest of the week off. The first week will get your body used to the stimulants. After the first week, you can take up to 3 scoops in one day–if you really want to. But make sure you do not go past the 5 days on 2 days off suggestion. Also, after taking Jack3D for 4 weeks, take a week off or else your body will be used to it and you won’t see any added benefits. Check Jack3D out here.

Ephedrine as an Adderall Substitute

Ephedrine is the active ingredient of Ephedra (called Ma-Huang in Chinese). Ephedra is a herb and is not regulated like Ephedrine. Ephedra/ephedrine is a popular drug for students, weight lifters, and dieters. It increases concentration and focus while reducing hunger and fatigue.

Ephedrine is only one oxygen and one hydrogen away from Methamphetamine and a close cousin to Amphetamine. Therefore, you can view Ephedrine as much more powerful than caffeine and only a little bit less powerful than Adderall. It is a very close Adderall substitute.

We did our research and found that the easiest way to get Ephedra was online. You can not buy Ephedrine at the pharmacy anymore. However, you can buy Ma Hung herbal pills online since they fall under “traditional Chinese medicine” and do not fall under FDA regulations.

The best type of Ma-Huang we found online was Hi-Tech’s Black Widow 25mg Ephedra Tablets. It contains pure Ma-Hung and no other ingredients. It also has great reviews. The only bad reviews were from people who didn’t know what they were doing or took the pill with caffeine. DO NOT TAKE MA-HUANG WITH CAFFEINE.

Take one pill in the morning and see how your body feels. Do this for 3-4 days and, if it is not enough, take another pill. Do not take your morning coffee or else you will feel some terrible side effects. Ephedra is extremely powerful, it is a cousin to Adderall.

One bottle contains 90 pills and it is only $30. That is cheap considering how close it is to amphetamines. Your basically paying 30 cents a day whereas Adderall is much more expensive. Read more about Ma-Huang.

Closing for Adderall Substitutes

Have you tried either of these drugs? How did Jack3D or Ephedra go for you? Tell us in the comment box below.

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