I’m Quitting Adderall

Hey guys, my name is Jamal and, since the 19th of April, I’m quitting Adderall. I know, half of you reading this would think: WHY?! But, I have my reasons, very good reasons too.

Basically, I didn’t like the fact that I was taking pills every day to get my work done.

I can’t stand that.

It made me feel so guilty inside.

It is similar to how, when I was 18, the first thing I wanted to do was leave the house and explore the world by myself. I didn’t want mom or dad to help me out anymore.

Same thing here.

After 2 years on Adderall, I am calling it quits.

The pills did their work for me back than but, now, I want to go on by myself.

When I’m on Adderall, I felt good, focused, and driven. When I was off of it, I felt tired, lazy, and sleepy.

It was always like this but, after taking it for so long, I felt like I was losing how I was to the pills.

It was no longer me who is doing these amazing projects. It was no longer me who is meeting these deadlines. Adderall is.

And, I don’t know about you, but I don’t want anyone to do anything for me. I want to do stuff for myself. I want to have my own success, not piggy back on someone else’s.

Yes, I know, sometimes, you have to have others to help you when a task is too large for yourself. And, for awhile, Adderall did help me. But, it is time for this to end. I got tired of it, taking it, its side effects, and how it dictated my life.

I’ve read a lot on this and, after so much research, I think it is time to take my results into my own hand.

Books that helped me Quit Adderall

I felt that, to take control of my life and my ADD brain, I needed help. I needed people who are experts in this field to teach me how to think, organize, and schedule my life: obviously school didn’t do it.

More Attention, Less Deficit

This book was the first ADHD book I read and, maybe because of that, I felt that it was very special. It was also one of the first books I’ve read that could hold my attention. It was one of these books where, after you read it, you want to TAKE ACTION and get your life handled.

The book opens with a great discussion of the brain and how it works–don’t worry, it isn’t boring. It goes into what the ADD brain is and how it operates differently. The best thing about this section was that the book went into ADD history and how it used to be stigmatized. I felt VERY happy that I didn’t have ADHD back before it was diagnosed.

After that, the book discusses treatments for ADD. It goes into things such as medications and medication free treatments. I really like this part because it opened more doors than just “get a scrip for Adderall.” There is even a special section on alternative treatments that I’m currently practicing. Who knew that meditation is so powerful?

Finally, the book goes into some advice for how to live your life. Stuff like keeping the house clean, managing relationships, and what not.

You can read more about the book as well as reviews on Amazon.

Your Life Can Be Better

This book was written by a doctor who has ADD and helps others with ADD. Unlike the last book, Your Life Can Be Better is more of a tactical guide to living with ADD. It provides strategies you can use right now to help you have a hold on your life.

Two things that I learned from the book that will stay with me for the rest of my life are: 1.) Do it now, do it right, and do the hardest part first 2.) Make a to-do list.

The first one is a very true fact that I have realized threw my college years. If I didn’t do something right now, it won’t be done. If I didn’t put the extra effort to get something working when I’m doing it, I’ll never go back and re-do it. Also, doing the hardest part first is something I do everyday now. I wake up and figure out what I have to do, and hit the list from hardest to easiest.

If it was the other way around, I’ll somehow never manage to finish answering my emails in a whole work day ;) .

Also, a simple index card with stuff to do for the day was a life changer for me. I keep it in my pocket and, once I finish a task, I cross it off. Seeing a whole list of 4,5,6, and even 7 items that I finished in a day makes me feel GREAT! Read a preview of the book if you want to learn some more.

ADD Friendly Ways to Organize Your Life

I’ve read a lot of organization books in my life. From popular ones like 7 Habits of Highly Effective People to less known eBooks. All of them lacked one thing: a way that works. I would try their approach and ideas for a few weeks and, after those weeks of hard work, nothing would improve.

It was as if I was trying to fir their mold instead of them trying to fit me. It seemed as if those books were written for someone else.

However, ADD Friendly Ways to Organize Your Life was different. Not only are the tips ADD friendly, the book was written in small chunks so that an easily distracted person like me can digest it.

The book discusses how to organize your time, work, life and, something that I found surprisingly helpful, how to organize your mind.

It was only after I read the section on my mind that I felt like, for once in my life, I had control over my mind. Read reviews of the book here.

Life Since Adderall

Ever since I made up my mind that I was going to quit adderall, I felt like I was back in control. I felt like I was finally in charge of my life. I felt powerful.

Yes, the first few weeks were tough. I was tired, moody, sleepy, and didn’t want to do anything. It took a lot of will power to get up, clean the house, do my work. I’m very lucky in that I run my own business and can afford to take 2 weeks off if I wanted to do something.

What really helped me was that I kept good habits threw good and times. I kept on going to the gym 5 times a week, eating raw greens, and meditating.

I’ll go more into this in later posts but, for now, my life is going well. I am happy and am very excited for my new outlook.

Best of luck.


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