Snorting Adderall Guide and the Dangers

Have you been thinking about snorting Adderall lately? This guide will tell you about the health issues with snorting Adderall as well as how to do it.

Before anything, why are you thinking about snorting Adderall? If you want to get high, crushing and snorting Adderall IR (instant release) is much better than snorting Adderall XR.  If you don’t want to get high, don’t snort Adderall and just take it orally. There are more negative effects to snorting Adderall and not a lot of positive effects.

How to Crush and Snort Adderall IR and XR

To snort a pill, it is pretty straight forward. Just crush it and snort it. You can crush it by using a dollar bill and a credit card. Place the pill inside of the dollar bill and fold the dollar bill around the pill so that nothing will fly out when you crush it. Place it on something hard and flat like a countertop and crush it with a credit card. This works for most pills but Adderall XR contains tiny beads that are insanely hard to crush. If you use this method on Adderall XR, it might hurt your nose.

How to Crush Adderall XR Really, Really Fine

The tiny beads in Adderall XR makes crushing it really hard. You can try an old school mortar and pistle to crush it. This works good and you can use it for a lot of other uses as well (Mojito anyone?). The linked site has 3 different sized mortar and pistles for $11. Great deal in my opinion.

If you are a little bit lazier, you can just use a pill crusher. This pill crusher has a very nice gripped handle that makes crushing pills super easy. Not a lot of pill crushers have gripped handles (I don’t know why…).
Just crush the Adderall XR with either tools until it is a fine powder. The better you crush it, the better your nose will be. Than, line it up and snort away!

Dangers of Snorting Adderall

Snorting Adderall is not good for you. Since snorting the pills give you an instant, large rush of amphetamines, you might go over your recommended dose and suffer some serious side effects.

Also, even if you crush the Adderall into a very fine powder, there will be binders alongside the amphetamines. The binders will hurt your nose, cause nose bleeds, and, in general, take the fun out of snorting. You can use a simple cold water extraction to remove the amphetamines from binders.

You can extract the amphetamines out of the Adderall by mixing the powder in a little bit of water. The binders will sink to the bottom and the amphetamines will float to the top. Drain the top layer of water onto a  flat surface like a baking sheet with foil on it and let it dry. You would have a layer of pure amphetamine crystals if done correctly. Crush this again and snort.

Note: don’t take this post seriously as I’m not a doctor. I’m not responsible for your health and your doing this at your own risk.

Do you have a cool Adderall snorting story? Share it below! (You can use SWIM to remain anonymous).

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